At C&M Water Wells we love sharing our knowledge of water well systems and their components.  We are often asked how to check the pressure of a water well tank.  In today’s short and informative blog post, we cover how to check your water well’s pressure tank in 4 easy steps.

Check Water Well Tank Pressure

How To Check Your Water Well’s Pressure Tank

  1. Turn the power to the wells pump off by flipping the designated breaker at the electrical panel to the off position.
  2. Drain the pressure tank. It’s very important to empty the tank before checking the tank’s pressure. If you try to read the pressure of a tank full of water, you will get an inaccurate reading. To drain the tank, locate the boiler drain on the tank’s manifold and connect a garden hose. Open the drain and drain the pressure tank outside your home, or garage. If your pressure tank does not have a manifold, open a faucet in your home and continue to run the water until the tank is emptied and the water pressure reads 0.
  3. Locate a pressure gauge (tire gauge) Use the gauge to check the tank’s pressure. All water well pressure tanks have a Schrader valve. Schrader valves, which can also be found on automobile and bicycle tires, are used to both check pressure and add air pressure. Most pressure tanks’ Schrader valves are located on the top of the tank. Unscrew the cap covering the valve, and press the tire gauge down on the valve to get the tank’s pressure reading.
  4. Adjust the pressure with an air compressor if necessary. The pressure for your tank depends on the pressure switch setting. The pressure of your tank should be 2 psi below the pressure switch’s cut-on setting. On a 30/50 switch, this would be 28psi. 40/60 switch would be 38psi. Add air accordingly. We recommend checking the tank’s pressure every so often to ensure it’s functioning properly.

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