Below you will find the most common questions and answers we receive regarding our water well services.  If your question is not answered in our FAQ, please contact us as we are happy to assist you.

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Can we pay with a card?

Yes, with an added convenience fee of 3%.

Will you install the equipment I purchased?

No, we warranty and stand behind the quality of the equipment that we provide.

Is there a fee for you to come out?

Yes, we charge a service call fee but if you choose to move forward with us on your project, we will work that fee off of your final invoice.

Do you work after hours or take Emergency calls?

Yes. You can call any time with an emergency, and we will get to you as soon as possible. If we do not answer right away leave a message and we will call back within a timely manner.

Can I pull my own pump?

We do not advise it because you run the risk of breaking and/or dropping material down into the well which could potentially compromise your well if we are unable to retrieve the material.

Do you do annual preventive maintenance/servicing?

Yes. If you are interested in an annual or bi-annual service let us know and we will automatically add you to our schedule when you are due.

Are you licensed & insured?

Yes. We have a Well Driller/ Pump Installer license and are fully insured.

Why is my water pressure decreased?

There are several different things that could contribute to the loss of water pressure. You should start by checking your filters and faucet aerators for debris.

Do you work on other means of water besides wells?

Yes. We work with cisterns, freshwater springs, all types of pumps including submersible pumps, hand pumps and jet pumps and will also work with private water lines on city water supply.

When drilling a new well, do you guarantee that you will hit the water?

Unfortunately, No. We cannot guarantee the quantity or quality of water, but we do our homework in your area and build our estimate accordingly. We are straightforward if there is not much data in your area but luckily there are very few areas in Southern Indiana where water is scarce.

How do I know if there is bacteria in my water?

It is recommended that you test your private well annually for bacteria, nitrates & nitrites, total dissolved solids, and pH. It is also recommended that you test for bacteria if you have a change in taste, odor, or color or know of a contaminant.

What if our well is buried and we don’t know where it’s at?

We have locating equipment to find a buried well and then bring it up above ground.

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