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C&M Water Wells is your A-to-Z solution when you want to have a new water well installed in Southern Indiana.

We are full-service water well professionals. Our well drilling service includes everything from start to finish to get our customers water from drilling the well to getting water ran from the well to the home and ready to use.

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Water Well Installation Service

We use an air rotary drill rig to drill deep water wells, typically wells in our area range anywhere from 100’ to 500’ total depth.

Please contact us for pricing and to get any questions you have about our well drilling service answered.

New Well Construction

We drill new water wells at new constructions alongside homeowners & builders.

Replacement Wells

We drill new water wells on existing property for residential use or farm and livestock.

Well Deepening

We can set our rig on an existing well and drill it deeper if needed to reach a greater water supply or deeper reservoir.

C&M Water Wells also offers ongoing services after drilling a well.  Learn more about our well repair and maintenance services and water filtration, treatment, and conditioning services.

Additional water-related services we offer include the installation of new water lines and cistern installation.

Let us know how we can earn your business!  View photos of our well drilling contractor services.

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Water Well Drilling In Southern Indiana

C&M Water Wells service area includes several counties in the Southern Indiana area.  For more detailed information about our service area, please visit our service area page or contact us.

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